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Nesox Email Marketer - delivering your message to all of your clients has never been easier!



   Maintaining permanent contact with your existing and potential customers and responding to their needs are essential parts of any successful marketing strategy in today’s dynamic business world. This statement is true for any type of business, online and offline, selling products or services, serving local clients and working on the international level. Email is by far the most efficient method of delivering your information to prospective clients to boost sales, generate new leads and increase customer awareness. If you haven’t decided on a way you intend to conduct your email campaigns, check out Nesox Email Marketer and it won’t be an issue any more!

   Nesox Email Marketer is a versatile and feature-packed enterprise level newsletter solution created to satisfy the needs of businesses across the world in simple and easy-to-use, yet flexible email marketing and customer relationship tools. This application will enable you to create targeted opt-in mailing lists, content-rich personalized newsletters and email marketing campaigns in minutes! The use of HTML templates and a WYSIWYG editor allows you to quickly create eye-catching messages for your customer and personalize them in any way you want, which can be used for e-magazines, account statements, reports and invoices. Which is more, Nesox Email Marketer provides the necessary functionality for defining target groups based on their demographic information, tracking the efficiency of your campaigns in real time, automatically removing opt-out addresses from mailing lists, importing contacts from and exporting them into a number of formats (TXT, CSV, Excel, Access, MSSQL, MYSQL and Oracle databases), as well as sending thousands of targeted emails in the shortest time possible!

   Nesox Email Marketer is a professional all-in-one solution that will take the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns to a whole new level — and you get all that for a price you won’t believe in! Check out the official site for more information on the numerous features this affordable tool has to offer and try it right away — you will see the difference very soon! It’s an excellent value for the money you pay for it from !