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Example of a Bad Email Newsletter

About three weeks ago, I had a phone conversation with a prospective client -- a guy I'll call "Guy" -- about the importance of creating a business-to-business (B2B) email newsletter.

Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

A properly planned marketing strategy opens the door to the success of online business. But even the best minds do make mistakes that result in failures. It helps to know some possible mistakes and avoid the pitfalls in preparing your strategies.

Methods For Dealing With Spam

Sick of spam? Here are some ways to fight back.

Staying Off the Spam Lists

Spam is one of the hazards of doing business on the Internet. But there are some things you can do to protect your email address and stay out of the line of fire...

How To Identify a Spammer

Spammers can be pretty slippery characters. Sometimes, though, it's possible to track them down and sic the authorities on them. Here's how.

Best Internet Spam-Fighting Resources

Annoyed at that flood of unsolicited email in your inbox? Sick and tired of spam and decided you're not going to take it anymore? Good for you! Here are some popular Internet resources that can help you fight back.

Free Publicity With Email Press Releases

If you can get Internet journalists and writers to cover your story, this can create marvelous free "advertising" for your company. To make it work, though, keep these 10 points in mind.

Using Email Discussion Lists to Get Your Message Out

Whether you start your own or join someone else's, an email discussion list can help you create awareness in the Internet community. However, you need to keep these points in mind.

Web Survey Invitation Guidelines

How To Write an Autoresponder Message That Gets Results

With an autoresponder, you can deliver your sales message or other information rapidly, 24/7. Here are nine ways to use this tool successfully.

Write it Right, Project a Professional Image in Email Communications

Want to mark your email promotional message as an amateur effort -- or worse, as spam? Then ignore these common pitfalls.

Spamassassin Explanation

Spamassassin Explanation

10 Reasons Not to Spam

Thinking about trying out spam -- just this once? Read this first.

A Spammer Not me!

A reader objects to Al's article on email cold-calling. One thing's for sure: You don't want to send email to this gentleman.

Marketing By Email Without Spamming

Many marketers assume that the best way to reach customers by email is by "spamming" -- or sending out unsolicited bulk email. Not so. Here are five ethical ways to use email to promote your product or service.

What Is Spam?

I've heard some pretty complicated definitions of spam. But here's the central issue, and what it means for you as a marketer.

Why Scumware Is Like Spam

Is any business practice justified, as long as it makes money?

You're in Trouble, They Think You're a Spammer!

Have you ever gotten accused of spamming? Believe me, it happens to all of us. Here's why -- and how you can minimize the glitches.

The True Cost of Spam

Is spam really just like any other marketing method? Consider this analysis of the costs of spam.

Can Bogus Spam Reports Hurt Legitimate Marketers?

Ever been falsely accused of spamming? It can be disheartening, but don't let it stop you from using email as a marketing tool. Recognize the risks, and take the precautions outlined here.