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2011 Email Marketing Trends


Lavon Temple is the Marketing Coordinator at Delivra. She is responsible for assisting with the Delivra marketing efforts by writing press releases, blog posts, and Delivra collateral; then sharing that information, when appropriate, on social media networking sites and the Delivra website. Additionally, Lavon assists in pulling marketing metrics, creating pieces for the Strategic Marketing Plan, and researching the email marketing industry. 

Prior to joining the Delivra Team, Lavon held several internships with companies, including: Christel House International, Indianapolis International Airport, and the YWCA. At all of these internships, Lavon used her acquired educational and professional skills in order to assist the companies with achieving their business goals. 

Lavon earned a bachelor's degree in International Management from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN and plans to earn her MBA in the near future. 

As 2010 quickly winds down, it has been interesting to see changes in trends and new thing that are having and impact on email marketing. As we face the New Year, several people are speculating on what email marketing trends will be present in 2011.  Listed below are just a couple of expected 2011 email marketing trends that you may want to consider adding or refining in your email marketing strategy.

Content. For marketers, writing content isn't a new concept.  Even writing great content is a relatively well known best practice in creating emails.  However, in 2011, the focus on content will increase and will be directed on informative content that engages your subscribers.  It will be about creating content that not only adds to their knowledge base, but also encourages them to keep reading because they are interested.  

Video. Expanding on the idea of creating engaging content, marketers will be encouraged to use more video in their marketing efforts. YouTube has gained in popularity this past year because people enjoy watching videos, so adding a video to an email newsletter may be an efficient way to increase subscriber engagement. 

Reengagement. In 2010, engagement was given a lot of attention, as it was realized that subscribers need to be engaged for your email marketing strategy to be effective. In 2011, this will continue, but reengagement will also be emphasized. Marketers will be encouraged to send out reengagement campaigns to those on their list that have not been active recently. The goal is to encourage them to become active again. If they still do not respond, they will be removed from the mailing list. This ensures that your email marketing list is only compose of those people that are interested in receiving your message, which means that your email marketing will be more effective.