Getting Started

Launching Email Marketer is straightforward. During the installation process, the installation program created shortcuts to launch Email Marketer directly from your desktop. Once installed you can start Email Marketer by going to Start -> Programs -> Email Marketer Business Edition -> Email Marketer Administrator.

It is strongly recommended that you read the Knowledge Base before your creating the first project.

Going through this very short tutorial will quickly familiarize you with the features of Email Marketer, and get ready to create and launch your own email campaigns. You will also pick up some neat ideas you can use later for planning your own campaigns. Now, we are going to walk you through every step to sending your first test mailing. Message tracking and subscribe or unsubscribe are not included in this section of the user manual, but will be discussed later individually. There are just 8 steps, from setting up, through defining and entering your data, to sending!

Before You Begin - Create Your Mail Accounts

Mail on the internet is delivered through what is called an "SMTP server". Before you start using a mass email program like Email Marketer, you should decide who (or which server) will deliver your e-mail after you send it. We recommend using a dedicated SMTP server. Email Marketer has its own build-in SMTP server, but in some cases where using any internal server on your machine to send directly will not work.

To create an account, click Mailing Accounts located on the left pane, click New to start an account wizard and enter the properties of your account. Please make ensure to verify the settings by clicking Verify button before the saving. You will need the same SMTP Server settings and information as needed to set up a Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express account. If you do not know this information, you may want to go research it with your system administrator or web service provider before getting started. Of course, you may create more accounts according to your needs.

It is important to note that your Internet Service Provider may have restrictions on how much email they will allow you to send through them. What's more, many ISP SMTP servers are badly overloaded. If you own a website, setting up your mailing accounts using your web-hosts SMTP server facilities is almost always your best choice.

If you are a Business Edition user, you may also specify your tracking service account here.

Start Your First Email Marketer Campaign Project

The following 8 steps will guide you create and launch a simple email campaign using the build-in list database with personalized messages.

Step 1 - Creating and Managing Mailing Lists

Step 2 - Creating Marketing Campaigns

Step 3 - Composing Email Messages

Step 4 - Message Personalization (Optional)

Step 5 - Choosing Recipients

Step 6 - Delivery Performance Adjustment (Optional)

Step 7 - Message Delivery

Step 8 - Campaign Reports


This getting started manual gives you a brief overview of the Email Marketer features, benefits and some related concepts. The purpose of this section is to get your list up and running as quickly as possible. If these instructions are not clear, you can always learn from other topics in this manual with Email Marketer Projects for more detailed information.

Enjoy now!