Nesox Email Marketer Feature List

Email Marketer can send bulk email or send newsletters, it also makes building your business easy with tools that cover every aspect of opt-in targeted email marketing via the following exciting features.

Integrated environment with wizards

  • Unlimited Email Campaigns Management. Email Marketer has been designed to be completely adapted to project management. It lets you organize and save your work according to project milestones.
  • Step by Step Instructions. Provides a clear step by step approach to your projects by using distinct stages. A typical project is started at the design stage where you can create the message contents, scripts and distribution lists. After these tasks are completed, the project is published and in standby for review.
  • Simple, yet Powerful and Efficient. It is easy switch between the accounts, messages, scripts, lists, preview, publish, and the reports of a project.
  • Complex and Compact Interface.
  • Multi Languages. Just one click to switch the interface to your own language, even the campaign reports.

Appealing layouts for rich message contents

  • WYSIWYG Editing. Includes a professional HTML newsletter editor similar to popular web editors, with WYSIWYG, source and preview modes. If you would rather use your preferred application, Email Marketer is fully compatible with all content creation applications such as DreamWeaver, FrontPage etc.
  • Rich Templates. When tight deadlines dictate your success and the need for immediate content arises, Email Marketer utilizes your pre-existing templates such as newsletters, email ads, stock quotes, push-email, etc.
  • Message with both HTML and Text. Email Marketer makes the creation of contents easy by offering you the possibility to create an alternate text via HTML message.
  • Embedded Media in HTML. Email Marketer can embed media such as graphics, sound, and flash in HTML to send them along with the message, rather than having them reside on a web server somewhere.
  • Visual Personalization. Similar to Active Server Page (ASP) scripting language, these embedded scripts let you customize your contents without any limit. And, the text and script editors with colorize, indent, bookmarks and debugging features for your scripts.
  • Importing and Exporting. Save and load your original work from a HTML file or online web page in clicks.

Always use highly-focused and updated mailing lists

  • Integrates with Any Database on the Network. Connecting to Excel, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, XML and other ADO and ODBC/OLEDB compliant databases and automatically generating necessary SQL queries.
  • Direct Data Source Connecting. Avoid unnecessary duplication by connecting directly to the database related to the project. You save time and you work directly on the most accurate and up to date data.
  • Predefining Lists. Predefining data sources and SQL queries (segments) for quick and easy user access.
  • Built-in List Database with a Capacity of Millions. Email Marketer lets you alternatively create a project-specific database with your preferred application.
  • Validating Your List. Email Marketer makes the elaboration of receiver's list easy thanks to a full set of tools: removing of duplicates, management of fields containing several email addresses, sending of test message and checking of the address validity.
  • Excluding with Black Lists. All these features are also available for the creation and the management of black lists. It allows you to exclude receivers without modifying the data source.
  • SQL Queries. Email Marketer supports SQL queries to let you quickly create distribution lists from outside database records (data source) for those who want a more advanced interface to the database. You can also import most database formats found on corporate, office or personal systems.
  • Importing and Exporting. You can also import or export with most database formats found on corporate, office or personal systems in clicks.

Unlimited personalization of your messages

  • Fields Merge. Insert database fields in the message body or in the subject. You can customize your contents by using an unlimited number of data source fields.
  • Dynamic Contents. Enable content according to your conditions: Email Marketer allows you to modify the contents before the delivery. Via personalization script, you can easily decide who will receive which content according to receiver's country, preferred products, purchasing date, etc.
  • Advanced Personalization via Message Scripting. By using the script interface, Email Marketer allows the generation of emails with a much higher level of customization than only database field merging: management of sending according to time zones, personalization of attachments for each receiver, etc. The only limit of personalization is your data source precision.
  • VBScript Compatible. Users familiar with VBScript or Active Server Pages can directly edit the mailing project global script to further customize the mailing project. Samples of global scripts are provided and available to users not familiar with VBScript. Script commands can include any VBScript function.
  • Message Preview. Program enables you to view each personalized message before they're sent.

Control delivery, measure efficiency

  • Selective Format. Send specific content for each receiver in Text or HTML format.
  • SMTP Free Delivery. Emails may be delivered directly or relayed to multiple SMTP relay servers for large scale distribution. Built-in email delivery server that frees you from email limits placed by your ISP.
  • Secured Messages. Via the S/MIME protocol, Email Marketer gives you the opportunity to send secured messages. Emails are digitally signed and their contents encrypted. It guarantees your messages origin, integrity and confidentiality. This tool will open new doors for email use (commercial data, billing, banking information, internal or external communication of confidential data...).
  • Schedule your mailings. Allows automatic scheduling of email campaigns for launching on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis etc. Email Marketer Scheduler Service manages this difficult job for you.
  • Speed Adjustment. Email Marketer can slow or accelerate your email campaign sending speeds in accordance with your mail server maximum speed, or to match your ISP bandwidth or other Internet access limitations. Outbound email campaigns are easily throttled by messages per hour and help keep you compliant with your service provider.
  • Fast, Multi-Threaded Sending. On a fast PC, Marketer can saturate a T1 line with outbound email, using up to 512 threads for message generation and delivery. Depending on your database speed, CPU, and complexity of your scripting, Marketer can generate up to 30 personalized messages per second. Many ISPs throttle back the amount of email you may send. If that is too much for your mail server to handle, Marketer lets you specify how many messages to send per unit time for precise flow control. You can scale it back to 100 per hour if necessary.
  • Delivery Testing. Send test emails to yourself before launching the entire campaign and decides the next.
  • Continuous Retry. For failure deliveries, Email Marketer attempts to resend them automatically. Retry count could be customized.
  • Delivery Resuming. Resumes sending from the previous breakpoint it left off and no duplicate mails are sent.

Handles subscription and unsubscription real time (with Business Edition)

  • Subscribe by Email or Web Form. If you have a website, Email Marketer helps with subscription via web form. If not, incoming messages with special topic also does the job. Manage efficiently: add new data or update your database, automate the sending of new emails, manage easily the opt-in and opt-out processes or route emails automatically when receiving web forms.
  • Unsubscribe Link in Message. Email campaigns can be sent with a working unsubscribe link automatically inserted in the message, making accurate unsubscribe processing a breeze! The software automatically flags recipient addresses which have unsubscribed, no matter what list they are on.
  • Incoming Messages Management. If you are using an off-line list database, Email Marketer handles and converts opt-in or opt-out requests received via web forms to requests with email to your mailbox.

Website Integration with subscriber and tracking service (with Business Edition)

  • Multi List Subscription. Email Marketer works with customizable subscriber, our revolutionary web-based subscription management.
  • Customizable Subscription Form. Your customers can set their own email preferences, select options or indicate interests directly from your website. This data is directly available to Marketer, making targeted communication with your customers a snap.
  • Tracking for Open and Click. With email tracking service, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked. You will be advised when, exactly, your email was opened and which hyperlink was clicked without alerting the recipient.
  • XML Based. Both the online subscriber and tracking results are XML based and communicated with Email Marketer.

Professional and real-time reports

  • Rich Campaign Reports. HTML formatted and consists of tables, graphs and charts to represent opening rate, click rate, statistics per receiver or per day, etc. Your organization is able to analyze your receivers' behavior, to measure the campaign efficiency, to evaluate its impact on sales, etc.
  • Rich List Reports. List reports tell you the scale of your mailing lists and groups, subscribers and unsubscribers amount by date with charts.
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