Nesox Email Marketer Update History

Version 2.01, released on 2011-3-26

New features
- Silent installation support with "/S" parameter

Bug fixes
- Tracking link encoding caused data lost
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0, released on 2011-3-21

New features
- Bubble hints from monitor program for scheduler service
- Loads installer language for first launch
- Fixes corrupted project automatically
- ID resetting when the built-in list is cleared
- Sorting for mailing list groups
- Different icon for invalid and excluded addresses
- Email marketing related resources in welcome window

Bug fixes
- Layout error in Windows 7
- Wab API load error in Windows 7
- Scheduler setting error
- Email preview with Outlook
- Other minor bug fixes

- Disables delivery retry if the retry timer is 0

Version 1.95, released on 2010-12-6

New features
- Improved email validation
- More bounce back formats detection
- Importing multiple list files at a same time
- Supports, and accounts

Bug fixes
- Delivery error in subscription form
- More suitable size for buttons
- Unsubscription link for exclusion list
- Empty data in exported Excel file
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.94, released on 2010-8-3

New features
- More newsletter templates
- Exporting to Excel supports multiple work sheets

Bug fixes
- Error importing contacts from Outlook
- Quoteprintable encoding fix
- Spanish localization
- Layout error of account window
- "List index out of bounds" error when sending a test message
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.93, released on 2009-11-19

Bug fixes
- "Selected collating sequence not supported by the operating system" error
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.92, released on 2009-11-8

New features
- Delivery log with email validation results
- Subscriber service supports requests sent by Thunderbird
- Proxy setting applies for email validation
- Subject box supports unicode input
- Last project folder auto saving
- Optional List-Unsubscribe header
- Spanish (Argentina) language localization
- Basque language localization
- Swedish language localization

Bug fixes
- UTF-8/Unicode encoding for email subject
- Mailing list selection for processor with customized query
- Link text changed when HTML are imported
- Quoteprintable encoding error if the subject is long
- Button layout corrections
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.91, released on 2009-2-25

New features
- New layout for project wizard
- List-Unsubscribe header in message raw
- Auto detecting email field of a mailing list database
- Bounced email address listing
- Delivery log exporting
- Czech language localization

Bug fixes
- QuotePrintable encoding
- CC/BCC scripting does not work
- URL decoding error
- .eml file in UTF-8 coding could not be import
- Other minor bug fixes

- Group identifier field is created by default

Version 1.90, released on 2008-9-2

New features
- New subscriber service
- New subscription form wizard
- New email buffer storage saves 20% disk space
- New message editor interface
- Skipping delivery to email addresses in invalid status
- Backup by command line
- Checking and resending for bounced messages
- Copying and pasting from Word is supported better
- CSV file with unicode encoding is supported
- Persian, Farsi localization
- Russian localization

Bug fixes
- CSV editing fix
- AV error in email validation
- Database in use error when starting the program
- Ntdll.dll error in a single failure delivery
- Subscriber service error if messages in mailbox is greater than 65535
- Delivery delay does not work
- Other minor bug fixes

- Just-In-Time debugging disabled in message preview
- Faster email delivery buffer
- Default timeout changed to 60 seconds
- Default email encoding changed to quoted printable

Version 1.84, released on 2008-3-5

New features
- Supports Excel 2007 and Access 2007 files
- Exclusion list supports domain
- Better support for UTF-8 or Unicode encoded message
- Email validation feature improved

Bug fixes
- French localization fix
- Tracking time zone is always zero
- Subscription form missing after save
- Mailing list cannot loaded if field name is numeric started
- Spell check before publish does not work
- Other minor bug fixes

- Layout of list manager window
- Layout of delivery window

Version 1.83, released on 2007-12-17

New features
- New localization for Spanish (Mexico)
- New localization for Spanish (Traditional Sort)
- New localization for Portuguese (Portugal)
- New localization for French (France)
- New localization for Hebrew
- Project compact allows to remove tasks and .eml files

Bug fixes
- Group filter for date time fields
- Group field update for opt-in requests
- Field name alias not loaded
- Online page not fully imported
- Typo fixes
- Memory leak fixes

Version 1.82, released on 2007-10-17

New features
- New localization for Spanish (Ecuador)
- Date column in project manager
- New list field sorting
- Tracking results update in Publish window

Bug fixes
- Message queue amount less than zero
- Customized colors are not listed
- "fsockopen() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given" error in PHP version subscription form
- Other minor fixes

Version 1.81, released on 2007-9-5

New features
- SSL support for subscription form

Bug fixes
- Message counter reseted when resuming a delivery task
- Syntax error when loading Excel contacts
- Minor error in Turkish localization

Version 1.80, released on 2007-8-16

New features
- Checking for duplicated email in a list
- Cookie used in email tracking to avoid click spamming
- Importing interface language and Xmailer setting from last version
- Open and click records in Publish window
- Preview list amount in list importing wizard
- Duplicate checking in delivery options
- Email subject column in subscription service window
- Exporting contacts by email validation results
- Exporting email validation replies
- Clearing tracking results when project ID recreated

Bug fixes
- "Assert Failure" error when validating a single email address
- "Access Violation" error when validating email addresses
- Customized group query could not be loaded
- Unable to import .eml file with multiple embed images.
- Resizing of an image caused error message in Outlook 2007
- Memory leak in email validation
- Out of memory error in direct mailing

Version 1.70, released on 2007-6-12

New features
- Email addresses validation and listing by validation results
- Subscriber Service and Scheduler Service in NT Service mode
- Load separator for Text/CSV file automatically
- List "My Projects" in report view
- List "Find by Query" results in list manager directly
- "Script Check" button in Scripts window
- Create text message automatically if message format is Automatic
- "/report" parameter support
- Localization for Italian

Bug fixes
- Tracking link does work for hotmail webmail
- "502 unimplemented or 503 Bad sequence of commands" error
- "Access Violation" error before delivery sleep
- Total clicks error in project reports
- "https" started hyperlink cannot be tracked
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.60, released on 2007-4-28

New features
- Campaign and click history lookup
- X-MSMail-Priority and X-MimeOLE header for Outlook Express message style
- Group could be selected for importing from Outlook or address book files
- Open and click details in project reports
- User name and password for SMTP and POP3 are separated
- More detailed subscriber service log
- Import button at the recipients window
- Localization for Finnish

Bug fixes
- Japanese and Turkish Localization
- Incorrect scheduler date for weekly basis
- Last execution date missing in scheduler
- Cannot create YesNo field for mailing list
- Unwanted logo image at disk root when creating reports

Version 1.56, released on 2007-4-5

New features
- Speed of delivery stopping improved
- Signature for mailing accounts
- Sorting for group list
- Localization for Polish

Bug fixes
- "Access Violation" error when creating reports

Version 1.55a, released on 2007-3-19

Bug fixes
- "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed" error when sending messages.
- License code does not work at Personal Edition

Version 1.55, released on 2007-3-19

New features
- Scripts for success/failure processing
- Alternative image for Flash
- Speed control compatible with ISP limits
- Localization for Portuguese
- Localization for Slovenian

Bug fixes
- "Unable to set data" error by standard/limited user account
- "The field is too small" error when entering a long mailing account name
- Software freezes when importing an online page
- Other minor fixes

Version 1.54, released on 2007-2-12

New features
- New message encoding compatible with SpamAssassin
- User defined functions for personalization scripts
- Speed of personalized message creation improved
- Compatible with number limits of SMTP servers
- Highlighting and sorting in reports
- New sample projects
- Less disk size is required for message files storage
- Localization for Romanian

Bug fixes
- Unable to read Unicode/UTF8 text files
- Unable to edit Doctype attributes at message editor

Version 1.53, released on 2007-1-29

New features
- Localization for Turkish
- Accounts importing and exporting with .iaf file
- Speed of message creation improved
- Better support for Unicode/UTF-8 message encoding
- Column sorting in reports

Bug fixes
- "Method FullName not supported" error when importing Outlook contacts
- "Access violation" error when clicking subscription requests
- Image error at message preview if the message has attachments
- Popup menu does not work at the web form customizer
- Some typo error

Version 1.52, released on 2007-1-18

New features
- Multi SMTP delivery improved
- Delivery testing via different SMTP server
- Outlook importing and exporting improved
- List preview capacity customization at wizard
- Pagination in reports could be disabled
- Data size for gender attribute extended

Bug fixes
- List was cleared when removing contacts in group
- Unicode project title was incorrect at tracking service panel
- Error in removing or locating Excel records
- Tracking redirecting error if URL includes Unicode or special characters
- Formatting error at the scheduler service

Version 1.51, released on 2007-1-7

New features
- Deutsch translation updated
- Japanese translation updated
- New dynamic sample group
- Software data backup and restore
- Improved email open tracking

Bug fixes
- "Range check error" at startup
- "Assert error" when removing Excel data
- List sorting error if column title is empty

Version 1.50, released on 2006-12-31

New features
- Startup protection
- Double opt-in for subscription web form
- Web form supports ASP and PHP scripting
- Localization for list attributes
- Windows Vista compatible
- Performance of large size message delivery greatly improved
- Performance of list importing improved
- Performance of copying records to clipboard improved

Bug fixes
- Unsubscription link does not work if specified subject is not empty
- List data could not be imported for some specific Excel file
- High CPU usage when editing message
- Group identify field is not correctly selected
- "Deleting data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM" error when removing Excel records

Version 1.48, released on 2006-11-14

New features
- Message personalization for the ReplyTo name and ReplyTo email
- Subscriber history removal
- Easy group identifier field creation
- Localization for Danish

Bug fixes
- Incorrect charset list
- "Cannot create file Reports\index.htm" error when refreshing reports

Version 1.47, released on 2006-10-30

New features
- Message personalization for the From name and From email
- Inverting list items selection
- Default mailing list specification
- Contacts count specification for mailing list manager
- Multiple SMTP server delivery for Relay/Mixed mailing mode
- Localization for German

Bug fixes
- "Interface not supported" error at importing an HTML file
- Tracking results cannot be retrieved from tracking service
- Email addresses cannot be imported from Outlook
- Other minor fixes

- Updated help documents

Version 1.46, released on 2006-10-16

New features
- Plain text extracting from HTML message
- HELO/EHLO name customization for mailing accounts
- Custom message headers for mailing accounts
- New newsletter style templates

Bug fixes
- "Assert failure" error if DNS query retry is zero
- "Assert failure" error if HTML color is not in standard format
- "Unknown command USER" error when validating mailing accounts
- Menu font was changed after closing preferences dialog
- Plain text message lost after HTML message editing
- "Cannot open file N/A.xls" error at a sample project preview
- Error creating project reports if a hyperlink contains special characters
- "Find by Query" feature does not work
- Application halts at startup

- Tracking options is moved to the message editor window

Version 1.45, released on 2006-9-26

New features
- "Load at Windows startup" option for Monitor
- Background image customization for an HTML table
- HTML table cell editing
- HTML form editing
- HTML elements editing via context menu
- Screen font customization
- Exclusion list importing and exporting

Bug fixes
- "Delete Cells" and "Merge Cells" does work properly
- "Access violation" error when saving HTML message to an HTML file
- "Range Check" error when editing HTML message
- "Syntax error (missing operator)" error when removing contacts
- "Assert failure" error when click on color button
- "There was an error while creating temporary file" error when trying to fix and compress an active project
- Duplicate project in the project list

Version 1.44, released on 2006-9-18

New features
- Tray icon minimization when delivering message
- Contactor attributes navigator for previous or next record
- Close button for each view window
- Hyperlink hint text editing
- Menu icon for special list fields
- List searching by options is now 40 times faster
- Localization for Spanish

Bug fixes
- Message preview does not work after creating reports
- "Unable to write to schema.ini" error when connecting to excel formatted mailing list
- Internal link click does not work in message preview mode
- "List index out of bounds (0)" error when try to sort details in subscriber service
- Some specific mail server reports "500 Syntax error, command unrecognized" error at connecting
- Mailing account does verify POP3 settings

- Uses MSHTML editor for message editing, DHTMLEdit control is no longer needed
- New message preview with dialog
- Spell checker will not report error for personalization scripts

Version 1.43, released on 2006-8-29

New features
- Quick edit button for mailing accounts at message editor
- Excel header checking for list importing
- Excel formatted exporting for publish results
- Exporting for subscriber, unsubscriber list
- Importing from .eml or .msg file at message editor

Bug fixes
- "Cannot create file Temp\preview.htm" error when preview messages
- "File is not valid flash file" error if the Flash version is greater than 6.0
- "Unspecified error" when trying to customize the columns of list view
- "Cannot create file Config\bound.ini" error when trying to save the exclusion list
- List details is not available at project reports

Version 1.42, released on 2006-8-20

New features
- 10 times faster to create tracking enabled messages
- Improved list exporting, possible to export MySQL, SQL Server list data
- CSV formatted list editing

Bug fixes
- "bound.ini was not found" error when viewing preferences
- "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when click on Message
- "Query must have at least one destination field" error when trying to query empty CSV or text formatted list
- Cache page was loaded for message body importing

Version 1.41, released on 2006-7-27

New features
- New bug report handler
- New upgrade notification handler
- Smooth upgrade from previous version

Bug fixes
- "Failed to get data for JITDebug" error when creating messages
- "List index out of bounds (27)" error when sending messages
- Guide for "Error loading personalization script engine." error
- "Either BOF or EOF is True" error when sending is completed
- Sorting error if the field name contains "@" or "#"
- "Data source name not found and no default driver specified" error when compressing a project
- Minor bug fixes

- Updated user's manual

Version 1.40f, released on 2006-7-18

1.40f, 1.40e, 1.40d, 1.40c, 1.40b, 1.40a
- Better support for MySQL database
- Assert Failure when recipients are empty
- Double click to view attachments
- Less memory is needed when delivering messages
- Format error while sending messages
- Other bug fixes

New features
- Product is renamed to "Email Marketer" from "Hope Mailer" with new program logos and icons
- New List Manager, possible to manage any list database
- New List Report, possible to create reports for each list source and group
- Subscriber and Unsubscriber
- Mixed delivery mode
- Hyperlink highlighter for text message editing
- Project Manager with snapshot for each project
- Automatic recovery for unsaved project
- Trimmed email address before importing
- Email blacklist for subscription and delivery
- Proxy testing
- Message test with delivery progress and log
- Click tracking for image hotspots in html message
- Speed of generating messages improved
- Japanese language pack included
- Sample groups in the default list

Bug fixes
- "Integer overflow" error on creating reports
- "Class not registered" error on creating messages
- "Assert Failure" error on double click recipient items
- "Assert Failure" error on click replace all button
- "Access violation" error while sending messages via proxy
- Personalization Script error before publish
- Delivering message was marked as success when it's cancelled
- Table got messed with the rows and columns
- QuotedPrintable encoding error when message body is empty
- Images in HTML message got lost by Outlook 2003
- Label and anchor does not work in message
- Thumbnail preview of pictures does not work in Windows XP
- Typo errors

- Framework style and user interface
- Delivery performance options are attached with each mailing account
- Improved localization
- Improved importing from html page
- Message and log files are sub-foldered for each task
- New format for email message id
- Log files shrinked and the delivery speed improved
- Agent program was removed and a Monitor program added
- Updated sample projects

Version 1.32, released on 2005-9-28

New features
SSL connection support

Version 1.31, released on 2005-9-20

Bug fixes
Not login error for some mail server in Relay Mode
- Incorrect sort icon for list view
- Message open cannot be tracked

Version 1.30, released on 2005-9-19

New features
- Align paragraph to both sides in message editor
- Messages batch creation before the sending
- Bookmark inserting in message editor
- Tracking server management
- Fix and compress project
- Dictionary selection in spell checker
- Change message format by personalization script is possible

Bug fixes
- DNS resolver memory leak and handlers leak
- Error code is not correctly extracted
- Bookmark changes after importing from a html file
- Error "501 Syntax EHLO Hostname" in relay mode
- Minor bug fixes

- Icons for ready/success/fail messages
- Socket version changes from 1.1 to Socket 2.0
- Project directory structure
- Layout of preference dialog
- Updated help documents

Version 1.23, released on 2005-8-11

New features
- Export detail results to CSV formatted file
- Improved retry intervals
- Remove format function for message editor

Bug fixes
- Error generating reports for Non-English users
- Application closed after sending when autosave is allowed
- System Error Code 5 when return from Stand-By mode
- Report form layout for Personal Edition

- Separated detail log, one log file for one message in SMTP\Log folder
- Updated user's manual with more details

Version 1.22, released on 2005-8-1

New features
- Message tracking for click and open
- Statistics for total open/click, unique open/click by task and date
- List attribute names could be localized
- List importer for simple email address list
- New report interface and features for message open, click etc.
- XMailer setting in options
- Time interval between retries
- Print and print preview for project reports
- Insert target field script to subject by menu
- Traditional Chinese language pack

Bug fixes
- Message logs were not removed when removing a task
- Agent could not launch a publish task on some computers
- Images display error when trying to resend failure messages
- Instance checking of Email Marketer Agent before the installation
- Access violation error while sending messages
- Cannot open a project when double click the file icon

- Much more faster to locate text in list data
- New interface for account property dialog
- Some of the menu item captions
- Speed up project saving
- Updated user's manual with more details

Version 1.21, released on 2005-5-24

New features
- Message delivering result query
- Detailed view for delivered message
- Project wizard dialog could be resized
- Company logo could be customized in reports
- Dutch language pack provided by Rene, Netherland

Bug fixes
- Access violation error after messages were sent
- Start time and stop time of a task are logged and reported
- Registry cleaning after uninstalling
- Images in template are not imported
- Minor bug fixes

- Report view is separated from the General View

Version 1.20, released on 2005-5-10

New features
- Project auto save option
- Global script for message content controlling
- New sample project demos personalization script

Bug fixes
- Fail messages not listed in publish view
- Error importing none header column csv list data
- Error importing Outlook contactor data

- Account could also apply for reply address/name

Version 1.19, 2005-4-18

New features
- Recipient name in message could be customized
- Global personalization script for customizing the messages

Bug fixes
- Apply button in Project Property dialog works error
- The error of "No such interface supported" was absolutely fixed
- An error while importing excel formatted list data

- The object model of personalization script
- Layout of the Message view window
- Removed components selection step in the installation

Version 1.18, released on 2005-3-29

New features
- Importing online web page to message

- Improved html page importing
- More faster sending via improved publish connection and thread count estimating
- Updated user's manual

Version 1.17, released on 2005-2-25

New features
- A publish task could be automatic resumed
- The order of list fields could be customized
- List data fast location by keyword
- Report could be localized by modifying report templates

Bug fixes
- Setting of thread / connection count does not work
- Recipients list lost after sorted
- Publish threads terminate with an unknown error

- UTF8 encoding of system html pages and reports

Version 1.16, released on 2005-2-5

New features
- Connection string template for Microsoft Access
- A test list group is pre created for each project
- Message Preview display the size of the message
- More than 20 beautiful commercial page styles
- Customized colors could be automatic captured after loading of message content
- Localization for Hungarian, thanks for Jozsef Tamas Herczeg (

Bug fixes
- Test sending error in message preview dialog
- Error "Already authenticated" during relay sending messages
- Recipients count displays different to actual count

- Layout of Option Dialog

Version 1.15, released on 2004-12-20

New features
- Prompt for adding executable attachment
- List Import Wizard with group selection
- List Import Wizard could handle duplicate email address
- Check for duplicate list group name

Bug fixes
- Images not displayed in message preview dialog
- Disabled List import and export menu

- Updated help document with new screenshot

Version 1.14, released on 2004-12-7

New features
- True color / Windows XP style icons
- CRAM-MD5, PLAIN SMTP authentication support
- SMTP Service Extension for Authentication mode automation via EHLO command
- Splash screen with version information
- More toolbar icons could be customized

Bug fixes
- "Control '' has no parent window" error at startup
- Misc cosmetics and minor fixes (accelerator, menus, etc.)
- "Socket Error #10061 No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" error while relay mailing

- Enhanced language pack for Chinese PRC and English Unite States
- Readme of Language packs

Version 1.13, released on 2004-11-25

New features
- Multi language support
- Language pack for Chinese Simplified pack
- Configuration import and export
- DNS testing in option dialog
- Detail log for each connection and thread
- Online update beta

Bug fixes
- Some spelling error
- Stable mail exchange query for most of "Mail host was not found" errors

- Rename project directory to "Projects"
- Rename template directory to "Templates"
- Rename update directory to "Updates"
- Rename account priority from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to Highest, High, Normal, Low and Lowest
- Layout of Option dialog

Version 1.12, released on 2004-10-29

New features
- Added 257 templates

Bug fixes
- Keep getting "Selected collating sequence not supported by the operating system"
- Button "More..." for ODBC does not work on Target Wizard window
- Spelling error in Email Marketer Agent

- Templates are sorted to several catalogs
- The font combo box is widened
- Button layout of project views

Version 1.11, released on 2004-10-10

New features
- Keyword index for User's Manual

Bug fixes
- Some memory leaks were fixed

- Pop3 server and port are also needed at Account Manager for bounced email tracking
- Speeds up DNS buffer loading from several seconds to less than one second

Version 1.10, released on 2004-09-29

New features
- Global DNS buffer for direct mailing, better mailing performance by about 5%

Version 1.04, released on 2004-09-27

New features
- Adds automatic thread count option, configure it in option dialog

- Reminder for unregistered copy when startup

Version 1.03, released on 2004-09-24

Bug fixes
- Uninstaller cleans the installation directory completely now
- Corrects spelling error and adds "The Table Menu" topic to the help document

- Better attachment icon display under Windows XP
- Better text edit control

Version 1.02, released on 2004-09-22

New features
Adds "Close Search" for list searching in List Manager

Bug fixes
- Updates to General View project descript display refreshing
- Corrects the charset of demo projects

- Updates to Project Wizard

Version 1.01, released on 2004-09-21

- Updates a new edition for Visual Basic Script Reference
- Updates for the welcome page

Version 1.00, released on 2004-09-20

- First release of Personal Edition and Business Edition of Email Marketer.